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A Tradition Worth Preserving

Goodwood Property Owners, Inc.

The neighborhood referred to as Old Goodwood
or Goodwood Place was developed beginning in 1932 on parts of the 2,000 acres that comprised Goodwood Plantation. The Goodwood Plantation home is located on Goodwood Ave., slightly west of Lobdell Ave. Built around 1852, the plantation home was said to be the first house in Baton Rouge to have running water, bathrooms, bathtub, shower and built-in washstands.

Goodwood is a diverse but tightly knit neighborhood
that includes homes ranging from modest bungalows to $1 million-plus mansions. While many Goodwood residents have lived in their homes for decades, younger families with school-age children are among new homeowners flocking to the neighborhood.

Despite a great deal of commercialization around the edges, Goodwood has maintained its neighborhood qualities — thanks largely to a vigilant and active Goodwood Property Owners Association (GPOA).

The association is 100 percent volunteer driven,
managed on a day-to-basis by its Board of Directors. Since GPOI is involved in such a wide range of projects, volunteers are needed and welcomed to keep the organization functioning for the good of all residents.

Goodwood Property Owners, Inc.
NOTE: Neighbors, remember to report any concerns or issues to the city police at 389-2000 first. Give exact location and description so that our private officers may respond when they are on duty.

Always follow-up with communications to ppp@brgoodwood.com

Dennis Vidrine
GPOI President
Councilman Ryan Heck and the PPP Coordinator have shared some good information related to issues reported in the area. Please check out the information on the PPP Update page.

To all PPP Vacation requests,

The Vacation Watch Request form creates an automated report to our PPP coordinator that is then entered into our PPP logbook. We have always requested 48 hours minimum lead time, but know that is not always possible. We do include late requests in the logbook when possible.

Please add ppp@brgoodwood.com, communications@brgoodwood.com and mail@notify.onecallnow.com to your approved message sources. We are working to simplify communications by using the brgoodwood.com accounts in an effort to standardize the process for the board and residents. If you don't get a response within 48 hours of submitting a request, feel free to contact  communications@brgoodwood.com. That account is monitored by iPhone more than we would like to admit.

Based on conversations recently on Facebook, we need to be vigilant and do not hesitate to call 389-2000 (BRPD) if you see something out of place or suspicious. If a report is filed, please share the file number with the ppp@brgoodwood.com so that officers can monitor the status of any report and do follow-up as needed.

Communications Committee

NOTE FROM Safety Committee: Parking & Soliciatation Ordinances are being addressed throughout the neighborhood. Please be aware of EBR City Ordanances.

Traffic Committee Presentation is available for preview
One Call Now - Deliver church announcements with our voice broadcasting service
Communications is a vital part of GPOI's mission. As part of the process to keep things simple, we use the OneCallNow system that automates calls, emails and emergency text messages. If you are a member of the association, you can update your contact information by using the link and your current email address as a login to the system. Thanks for your help in this matter.
The Social Committee and participants in the 2013 Wine Walk want to say THANK YOU to everyone that donated to the event. Please support this group of wonderful neighbors. See the list of donors

Please check out the latest update from the Grounds Committee on tree debris and removal.