5th Annual
Goodwood Neighborhood
Progressive YARD SALE
  • WHO:         Goodwood residents
  • WHAT:       Neighborhood-wide progressive yard sale
  • WHERE:Residents’ yards
  • WHEN:  October 19, 2013, 7:00am – ‘til
  • WHY:    Declutter house, make some cash, find bargains, have fun!
  • HOW:    Watch this page for updated information and map of sales

The 5th annual Goodwood Progressive Yard Sale will be held on Saturday, October 19th beginning at 7:00am. Participating neighbors will hold yard sales in their yards on the same day at the same time. Often two or three neighborhood families will join together to hold one collective sale in order to sell and/or shop in shifts. All sales begin at the same time – 7:00am – but end at the discretion of each sale participant.

GPOA sponsors the yard sale as a service to Goodwood residents, through providing signage, advertising, and coordination. Residents sign up, hold the sales, and keep the revenue. Arguably the most popular benefit to participating is the option to have St. Vincent de Paul provide a same-day curbside pick-up of leftover sale items.

This event has not only allowed Goodwood neighbors to sell unused household items and find bargains, it’s become a fun way to meet new residents or catch up with neighbors. Volunteers have helped make the Goodwood Progressive Yard Sale a fun event for all.

Registration for this year’s sale requires a $10 registration fee payable by September 30, 2013. This fee covers signage, maps, advertising and St. Vincent de Paul's pick-up service.

See the “Guideline "Guidelines and Tips" document if you plan to hold a sale.

Map of participants registered
by September 30, 2013

For additional forms, questions, concerns or inquiries, contact the PYS Committee Chairman Josh McKay (225) 268-7763. 

Volunteers are also needed to help coordinate the event, photograph the sales in progress, and interact with the sale participants. For more information or to volunteer, please contact Josh McKay at (225) 268-7763